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Window 10 CompatibleMusic Cleaner is a clean and straight application built for the purpose of cleaning audio collection. Features * Open a folder and list all of its Audio files * Play and seek the audio file * Delete, Move or Copy the file to a specified folder already set in preferences * Basic Player navigation controls like Next, Previous, Play, Pause and Stop * If the folder is not on Removable Media, The file will be deleted to Recycle Bin for Easy Restore * Supports Keyboard Shortcuts Change Log for v1.3 * Added Search Feature * Added Rename Feature * Added shortcut keys * Minor bug fixes Keyboard Shortcuts * Press F1 key to open help file. * Press F2 key to rename selected file. * Press F3 key to jump to the search text box. * Press F4 key to show information about the software. * Press F5 to open settings. * Press F6 to increase volume. * Press F7 to decrease volume. * press Ctrl + O to select a folder for cleaning. * To Delete press Delete key or Ctrl + Z. * To mute press Ctrl + M key. * To play press PLAY key on Multimedia Keyboard or press the Enter key or Ctrl + Ato play the selected file. You can also press Ctrl + P if the player is paused. * To pause press the Ctrl + P key or PAUSE on Multimedia Keyboard. The Multimedia Keyboard Key PLAY/PAUSE can also be used to Play/Pause simulatenously. * To copy press Ctrl + C key. * To move press Ctrl + X key. * Press Ctrl + S, Esc, or STOP key on multimedia keyboard * Press Ctrl + B, or Fast Backward key on multimedia keyboard * Press Ctrl + N, or Fast Forward key on multimedia keyboard * Press Alt + F4 to exit.

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